You’ve found me. This is the best source of information about fiction author T.B. Ray. Quickly, I want to answer three questions.

What do I write? Whatever interests me at the moment, but mostly science fiction, mystery, action/adventure, humor, and fantasy.

How do I create my fiction? It starts with me, my interests, and my inspiration. I tell a story that I want to read. Hopefully, you do too.

Why do I write? The real answer is I have to. I’ve been writing since I was eight. I can’t stop, and believe me I have tried.

If there is some bit of information you want, just ask me.



Hour 13 (Book One of the Matt Gearn Mysteries)

Matt Gearn lives a double life.

As a contract detective, he solves the crimes the police cannot. Like the brutal and baffling murder of the Williams family.

As a secret member of an activist group, he breaks the law in the name of a cause that is close to his heart. Like sneaking into the high-security server room of a major corporation.

He always feared the day when his two worlds would collide. He just never guessed what it would cost him when that day came.

Hour 13 is the first in a series of tense mystery/thriller novels set in near-future Denver, in an America that is simultaneously very similar and tragically different than today.